To start a group of follow our step by step guide.

Starting your own group

Step 1 –  Rally your mates

It’s always easier if you have support, so start by asking friends, family and colleagues if they are interested in joining you on this journey before you go it alone.

Step 2 – What’s in a name?

Your group name should help others to identify with your local area. You may choose to include a street name, suburb, local landmark or even a waterway in the name.

Step 3 – Looking good!

Your group will need a logo to help people identify you online and at events. You can draw a logo and use a photo of your drawing, but we recommend using Canva, a great (and free!) online design tool.

Step 4 – Get Social

The best way to build your group and keep them up to date is online.

A Facebook group is ideal for this. It’s easy to invite people from your existing network of friends, post events and group information and communicate easily with members.

Think about what sets your group apart from others, and let this story shine through on social media. Instagram is a great platform to showcase the problem in your local area and how your clean up group can help the solution.

The links below will help you get started:

Setting up a Facebook group page
Add information to your group page
Post an event on your group page
Start an Instagram for your group

Don’t forget to register your group on the Beat the Bottle group finder tool!

Step 5 - Start networking

Picking up the phone or writing an email can take time, but it is one of the most effective ways to engage councils, schools, local businesses and community organisations.

Step 6 - Find some funding

While a clean-up group is easy to get started, if you plan to do regular clean ups you’ll ideally need some equipment of your own.  Many councils and businesses provide community grants that you may be eligible for. Our Community has some great advice on when and where to find out what’s available, but here’s some sites that we know of to get your started:

Community Grants

Clubs NSW