Join the Brand without a Bottle Project

Sydney Water is really excited to offer your Year 7 and 8 English students the chance to take part in a short film contest in Term One 2017 – where the finalists will be professionally filmed, produced and shared on the big screen! 

Why should your class participate?

It’s a great way to engage your students, spark their imagination and creativity and improve their persuasive writing skills.

The program is fun, engaging and complies fully with the requirements of the NSW English Syllabus, providing a full unit of work. 

It’s free, syllabus linked and easy for teachers, fun for students and there are great prizes to be won.

What are the prizes?

The best storyboards will be professionally filmed and each finalist school will receive a permanent water refill station, refillable water bottles and cash prizes for water projects or resources in the school.

All finalists will receive a Sydney Water Refill Station,

  • Grand Prize: $5,000 cash 
  • Second Prize: $2,500 cash 
  • Third prize: $2,500 cash 

Participate in 5 easy steps!

  1. Register online.

  2. Complete the unit of work in Term 1 2017 helping your students create a powerful and compelling script and storyboard challenging their peers’ perception that bottled water is better.

  3. Submit your students’ scripts and storyboards by 14th April 2017 for a chance to have them professionally filmed and shared here on our website, and social media.

  4. Ask your school community and students to share and vote for their favourite short film.

  5. As a finalist, attend a gala red-carpet event showcasing the selected films on the big screen and win prizes!

Registrations are now Closed