So far 10,000* people have become an #AQUAVIST An #aquavist is anyone who proudly chooses tap water over bottled water and sugary drinks whenever possible. They know that Sydney water is the best choice for the environment, their wellbeing and wallet. Not to mention, it’s some of the best water in the world.
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Because plastic bottles can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade Become an #aquavist and you could prevent about 16kg of plastic waste over a year.
Which means together, we could prevent kg of plastic waste over a year.
Tim Schofield, Australian Life Saving Team I’M AN #AQUAVIST I'm in the ocean everyday. It's my playground. It's my happy place. What I am not happy about is the eight million tonnes of plastic that end up in the ocean each year. Say good bye to bottled water and protect our oceans by becoming an #aquavist for tap water.
Because drinking one can§ of soft drink
a day can equate to weight gains of over
6 kg a year. Become an #aquavist and you could keep over 14kg of sugar out of your diet in a year. Which means together, we could keep kg of sugar out of our diets in a year.
Alyssa Healy, Wicket Keeper I’M AN #AQUAVIST As a professional cricketer, hydration is incredibly important and the best source of hydration is water. I'm also studying to be a Marine Biologist which has opened my eyes to the effects of plastic bottles on the environment. For me the best choice is Sydney Tap Water!
Because paying over 1,800 times more for water doesn’t make cents. Become an #aquavist and you could save $2,641 over a year. Which means together, we could save $ over a year.
BECOME AN #AQUAVIST It’s as easy as turning a tap.
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Plastic waste and cost figures based on individual water consumption of 2 litres a day * This includes people who have taken Sydney Water’s tap™ pledge Based on statistics from University of Queensland ( and Clean Up Australia ( Figure based on the lightest 600ml plastic water bottle produced by one of Australia's leading bottled water brands. § Australian Health Survey (Nutrition First Results - Foods and Nutrients, 2011-12) Apovian CM. Journal of the American Medical Association 2004; 292(8): 978–9 Figure based on the amount of sugar (40 grams) in a 375ml can of Coca Cola, multiplied by 365 days and the number of #aquavists Choice.