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Teas of the world

Teas of the world stories

Meet four Sydneysiders and discover the role our tap water plays in one of their much-loved cultural traditions.

Connie – Home Grown Mint Tea

Ravi – Indian Street Style Chai

José – Maté

Joyce – Chinese Black Tea with Chrysantheum

My Sydney Water Stories

My drinking water stories

Access to safe and filtered drinking water wasn’t always as easy as turning on the tap.  Hear Azam and Abby’s stories.

Azam Muhammad from Pakistan

Abby Lau from Malaysia

Sydney Water Pop Up Water Bar

Sydney Water Pop Up Water Bar

2016 marked the debut Sydney Water’s Pop Up Water Bar. Our mixologists served refreshing water infusions, such as Strawberry Mint Water or Lemon Lime Water, and chilled tap water. We answered customers’ questions and educated about where our drinking water comes from and what we do to make sure quality is assuredOur Water Bar was a featured attraction at the Sydney Festival, Parramatta’s Australia Day celebrations, The Royal Easter Show and more. It gave Sydneysiders a chance to stop have a chat, relax and have a wellness drink on us.

Sydney Water’s Pop Up Water Bar

Art & About: The H20 Water Bar

Art & About: The H20 Water Bar

The H20 Water Bar was an experiential exhibit, which let the public sample drinking water from all over Australia. Created by artist Janet Laurence and produced by the City of Sydney, it was held in the Paddington Reservoir Gardens. Our education team supported the event which by showcasing our most important resource – drinking water – in a fun and thought provoking way.

Education Officer: Louise Roberts

The Artist: Janet Laurence

Tour The Tank Stream

Tank Stream Tours offer a rare peak into Sydney’s colonial past.

Ever wondered how Sydney’s colonial settlers got water? Take a journey under the city to Sydney’s Tank Stream. Walk along the land of the Gadigal people and explore the sixty metres of tunnel that date between 1789 and 1965.  When Captain Arthur Phillip arrived in Sydney he was searching for a place to call home. That’s when he spotted the fresh stream running through Circular Quay and decided to set-up camp. The stream became Sydney’s main water source for the next 40 years.

By 1826 villagers had stopped using the Tank Stream as a drinking water source. Eventually it was covered with sandstone blocks and the city built up over and around it. Today the stream lies underground. 

Tank Stream Tours offer a rare peak into Sydney’s colonial past. Tours are available twice a year in cooperation with Sydney Living Museums and are usually held around April and October or November. Tickets are only available by ballot.

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Quenching Cricket NSW

We’re joining forces with Cricket NSW’s to help Sydneysiders make more informed choices.

Tap water is the best source of hydration. Cricket NSW is ditching sports drinks in favour of drinking water straight from the tap. Which makes sense when you consider that tap water is the drink all athletes drink when they’re not being paid to endorse a drink. Proper hydration is essential for concentration, endurance, top performance and survival, and we’re proud to help our cricketers perform at their best.

“We’re delighted to partner with Sydney Water in championing such an important public cause.  Drinking water is Sydney’s number one option for daily hydration – it’s healthy, economical and effective.” – Andrew Jones, CEO of Cricket NSW.

Through our partnership with the NSW Blues, Lendlease Breakers, Sydney Sixers and Sydney Thunder, we’ll not only be keeping cricketers healthy, sustainable and hydrated, but also setting a positive example for generations to come. If it’s good enough for Sydney’s best athletes, it’s good enough for the rest of us. 

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Sydney Royal Easter Show

Hydrating Sydney’s Royal Easter Show

Come and find our Water Bar in the food farm pavilion and sample some of Sydney’s finest drinking water – straight from the tap or pepped up with some cool infusions. Meet our education volunteers and learn about how quality is assured from the source to you via the tap in your home. Your drinking water is from fresh and natural sources and is filtered.

And while you’re there try out our new virtual reality experience which showcases our stunning catchment areas and highlights the benefits of choosing tap water and avoiding the environmental impact of plastic bottled waste.  It’s fun and informative at the same time!

The Sydney Royal Easter Show
Friday 23rd March – Tuesday 3rd April 2018
1 Showground Rd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
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1 Showground Rd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

Newtown Festival

Brimming with innovators, makers and conscientious thinkers.

Newtown has long prided itself in being a vibrant and eco-friendly community. So, it was no surprise when they asked us to help make Newtown Festival the first bottle free festival in Sydney. A prime example of a community that thinks locally and acts globally, festival-goers bring reusable drink bottles and use our free refill stations throughout the day. In addition to sparing the community the expense of buying bottled water, our stations also help save approx. 5,200 litres of water and 34kg of plastic waste from ending up in landfill.

Supporting Newtown Festival is a pretty rewarding experience for us too. A flagship event, encapsulating the community’s inclusive spirit, it’s the main fundraiser for Newtown Neighbourhood Centre ­– A centre which hosts a range of local classes, supports creative talent, and cares for members of the community who are doing it tough.

Newtown Festival
Sunday, 13th November
Camperdown Memorial Rest Park
For more information visit:

Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Newtown NSW

Sydney's Illawarra & South Coast Surf Club Premiership

Sydney’s Illawarra & South Coast Surf Club Premiership

Every year, Sydneysiders young and old come together under the sun to compete in the Sydney Water Surf Club Premiership. Partnering with Surf Life Saving and the South Coast and Surf Life Saving Illawarra club, we’re proud to keep competitors happy and hydrated throughout the season. Sun, surf, sand, and Sydney Water? Sounds pretty good to us.

Photo credit: Aaron Davis

2016 Sydney Water Surf Series

Saturday, 29th October
Saturday, 12th November
Saturday, 19th November
Saturday, 3rd December
South Coast Branch of Surf Lifesaving NSW,7 Hood Cl, North Nowra NSW 2541
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Photo credit: Aaron Davis
Photo credit: Aaron Davis
South Coast Branch of Surf Lifesaving NSW