We’re joining forces with Cricket NSW’s to help Sydneysiders make more informed choices.

Tap water is the best source of hydration. Cricket NSW is ditching sports drinks in favour of drinking water straight from the tap. Which makes sense when you consider that tap water is the drink all athletes drink when they’re not being paid to endorse a drink. Proper hydration is essential for concentration, endurance, top performance and survival, and we’re proud to help our cricketers perform at their best.

“We’re delighted to partner with Sydney Water in championing such an important public cause.  Drinking water is Sydney’s number one option for daily hydration – it’s healthy, economical and effective.” – Andrew Jones, CEO of Cricket NSW.

Through our partnership with the NSW Blues, Lendlease Breakers, Sydney Sixers and Sydney Thunder, we’ll not only be keeping cricketers healthy, sustainable and hydrated, but also setting a positive example for generations to come. If it’s good enough for Sydney’s best athletes, it’s good enough for the rest of us. 

Want to know more? visit www.cricketnsw.com.au