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Newtown has long prided itself in being a vibrant and eco-friendly community. So, it was no surprise when they asked us to help make Newtown Festival the first bottle free festival in Sydney. A prime example of a community that thinks locally and acts globally, festival-goers bring reusable drink bottles and use our free refill stations throughout the day. In addition to sparing the community the expense of buying bottled water, our stations also help save approx. 5,200 litres of water and 34kg of plastic waste from ending up in landfill.

Supporting Newtown Festival is a pretty rewarding experience for us too. A flagship event, encapsulating the community’s inclusive spirit, it’s the main fundraiser for Newtown Neighbourhood Centre ­– A centre which hosts a range of local classes, supports creative talent, and cares for members of the community who are doing it tough.

Newtown Festival
Sunday, 13th November
Camperdown Memorial Rest Park
For more information visit:

Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Newtown NSW